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For the latest in scientific research on dyslexia,
      and professional support for your child: Key To Reading & Writing, LLC
Links to current dyslexia research studies, and related news updates. 

International Dyslexia Association 
The "go to" clearing house for information on dyslexia, ​referenced by the American Academy of Pediatrics. SOURCE for local providers of assessment for dyslexia, academic screening, Multi-sensory Structured Language reading-spelling-handwriting instruction (Orton-Gillingham based), and Academic Therapists. 

Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center  
​Local resource for Multi-sensory Structured Language (Orton-Gillingham) reading-spelling-handwriting instruction. Classes for parents and teachers in multi-sensory instructional methods for MATH, READING, SPELLING. Training for dyslexia specialists. 

American Academy of Pediatrics  
Current scientific definition of dyslexia, guidance on appropriate treatment, extensive bibliography of current research. Information on "vison therapy," and Multi-sensory Structured Language instruction. 

Virginia - KeyToReading 
Dyslexia Specialist. Pre-Kindergarten program for children at risk for dyslexia; Individual instruction K-12 for reading, spelling and handwriting. Consultation, academic screening, & Multi-sensory Structured Language ("Orton-Gillingham" based instruction for students of home/public/private schools. 

Wrightslaw Legislative and Policy updates; Lawyers, Advocates, Specialists, IEP advocacy workshops for parents. Extensive resources. 

Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity 
Leading dyslexia research center; information for parents & educators.
 NIH funded research finds that 
dyslexia occurs independent of IQ.       


Sounds and Symbols
of reading and writing

Help your child master handwriting and spelling! You will learn how to coach your child in a simpler, effective handwriting method that can: 
  • reduce physical and emotional stress
  • reduce directional confusion
  • reduce visual clutter
  • reinforce sound-symbol relationships
  • build writing fluency
  • increase spelling accuracy
  • increase legibility for print and/or cursive 
  • increase your child's independence and success!

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 vocabulary development and writing fluency: