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"Our son has made more progress in reading, spelling, and handwriting with your specialized instruction in just 3 months, than he has in 2 years of public school!"
        - Jennifer Lapresto    
                  Gainesville VA 
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 You can give your child the key to a lifetime of success!
Much more than a reading tutor or a general reading specialist, a dyslexia specialist has the training, understanding and experience to teach your child reading and spelling using the proven, science based methods recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.   Dyslexia - specific reading and spelling instruction is available on site, or at your child's home or private school in the Northern Virginia communities of  Gainesville, Haymarket, Manassas, Bristow,  Warrenton, and surrounding areas.  

Without specialized instruction, most students who are behind in reading and spelling at the end of first grade will remain years behind their peers. They will face a lifetime of demoralizing frustration, because every test is a reading test before it is anything else!

Children with untreated dyslexia may be labeled with "specific learning disability," or "ADHD," but most schools are not able to provide specific solutions. 

      Key To Reading & Writing, LLC can provide: intensive, individual, Multi-sensory Structured Language ("Orton-Gillingham based") instruction for reading and spelling that meets the recommendations outlined by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the International Dyslexia Association.


Why Does My Child Need A Dyslexia Specialist?

by Susan Louchen on 02/25/13

Even the best general education teacher cannot give your child with dyslexia the one thing that is needed: the combined individual time (4-5 hours/week) and specialized expertise which is required to bridge some children from non-reader to independent, grade-level reader.

Would you expect your child to become a good tennis player by attending an aerobic class, or participating on a softball team (running and swinging arms is practiced, right)? Would you expect your pediatrician to do ENT surgery (they are both doctors, right)?  Should volunteers (anyone who wants to help, or teenagers who need service hours, or college kids who like to work with kids) deliver physical therapy so it won't cost so much?

Scientific evidence collected since the 1990's has identified the most effective instructional methods which enable those with dyslexia to read and write effectively. Multisensory Structured Language instruction (often called "Orton-Gillingham," after the educational pioneers who first identified the effective methods) has been practiced for over 80 years. However only in the past 20 years has f-MRI technology enabled scientists to quantify the effectiveness of instructional methods, and clearly identify the right way to teach reading and writing to those with dyslexia.

When students with dyslexia receive individual, intensive, Multisensory Structured Language therapy (recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Pediatrics March 2011) by a dyslexia specialist, they typically become on-grade-level readers within 18-36 months.  Students with dyslexia reading "below bench mark" who do not receive such specialized instruction typically do not reach independence in reading.

Ultimately, the least expensive and most effective instruction for students with dyslexia is individual, intensive Multisensory Structured Language therapy provided by an experienced dyslexia specialist. The younger students are when they begin this dyslexia-specific instruction, the quicker they can be working independently at grade-level.

Amazing! We are so proud of our son. We knew he was capable of this given the right instruction. We cannot thank you enough for all you have done to help us help him.

The harm of "waiting:" Dyslexia may not be evident in some until end of second grade, however most dyslexics can be identified before the end of Kindergarten.  Withholding the correct instructional method can cause learning disabilities, anxiety, behavioral and attention problems.

Don't wait. Get your child the right instruction, right NOW. It is an investment that will pay off immediately, last a lifetime, and influence generations to come!

​      We thought you might be happy to hear about the long-term results of all your hard work... our son was below grade level in reading, and after your intensive work with him he gained the skills and and interest in reading that has launched him into the highest reading group in his class!
                                                                                    -The Murillos, Fredricksburg VA
​   KeyToReading,
Dyslexia Specialist:

Making independent 
readers right from the start! 

Specializing in intensive, individual instruction during the school day that typically results in independent, on-grade-level reading and spelling!  

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